DERO Mining for Fun'n'Profit Desktop and Server Mining Guide

DERO Mining: Your Gateway to Rewards and Participation

DERO Mining is all about securing mini blocks—tasty rewards that are accessible even to the smallest devices. Engaging in our mining pool offers a straightforward path to earning these rewards quickly and fairly.

Before diving into pool mining, it’s crucial to set up a secure wallet to manage and receive your DERO. For detailed instructions and recommendations on selecting the right wallet, please visit our comprehensive DERO Wallet Guide. This guide provides all the information you need to get started safely and efficiently.

Whether you are looking to mine on a desktop, server, or mobile device, our platform is equipped to guide you through the setup process for your chosen platform. Join our community today and start mining to earn your share of the rewards!

Mine DERO at

Fees and Rewards Structure

Mining on our node involves the generation of Mini Blocks (MBs) and one Integrator Block (IB) for every 10 blocks mined:

  • Mini Blocks: 9 out of 10 blocks, primarily rewarded to miners.
  • Integrator Block: Compensates the node operator for maintaining the network.

Both MBs and IBs carry a reward of 0.0615 DERO. Note that mining MBs is significantly easier than mining IBs, enhancing your chances of earning rewards.

Why Mine with Our Node?

Our commitment to providing a top-tier mining environment means you benefit from:

  • Reliability: Continuously monitored nodes with automatic restarts to minimize downtime and loss of earnings.
  • Performance: High-quality hardware and optimized network connectivity ensure efficient mining operations.
  • Security: Regular updates and maintenance reduce risks of orphan blocks and security vulnerabilities.
  • Innovation: Running a customized version of DERO, with enhancements unique to our node to improve mining results.

Community and Support

Join our community on Discord to get support, share insights, and contribute to ongoing development. Our server is a great resource for both new and experienced miners: Join the Discord Server.

DERO Mining Pool: Fun and Profit for Everyone!

Step 1: Wallet Setup
Before diving into pool mining, you'll need a secure way to receive and manage your DERO. For detailed wallet setup instructions, visit our comprehensive DERO Wallet Guide. You can also watch setup videos there to help you get started smoothly.

Step 2: Miner Setup
Once your wallet is ready, follow the miner setup instructions below for your desired platform. Select your operating system below to view the specific setup instructions.

Now watch the graph below as your miners are joining

Currently (2,264) Miners Connected

When do I start getting rewards?

Rewards depends on your hashrate and the network conditions, you should not expect immediate result but wait a few weeks and see how it goes.

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